Council and ‘unknown persons’ put pressure on George Galloway campaign

GG Campaign poster

A large poster for George Galloway’s election campaign is upsetting Labour party bigwigs and council bosses so much, they have demanded it be taken down. This comes hot on the heels of schools refusing to host campaign meetings, insisting they had to ‘be neutral’ and pubs alleging they had been put under pressure to cancel meetings.

Initially council enforcement officers attempted to gain the support of Sandwell electoral services for the removal of the banner, but electoral services were happy with the election poster saying it had been put up correctly and was not in any breach.

Planning officers have then been used.

The Planning Act 1990 states:

7Restriction on works affecting listed buildings.

Subject to the following provisions of this Act, no person shall execute or cause to be executed any works for the demolition of a listed building or for its alteration or extension in any manner which would affect its character as a building of special architectural or historic interest, unless the works are authorised”

But no ‘works’ i.e., work to disturb the fabric of the building, demolition or alteration works have been carried out by those who hung the banner. The banner is merely a political poster, which, under another set of rules provided by the Council to candidates and election agents at the start of the campaign states:

“The consent of the owner and/or person having control of any land
must be obtained to the display of any election posters thereon” and ““Election Poster” means any poster or publication designed to promote the election of any candidate.”

Working to the rules provided by the Council, the election poster has been displayed correctly, but this is unlikely to satisfy those who wish to see the return of another humdrum fake ‘left’ MP. The bad news for Labour, Tory and Brexit, is that George Galloway is on the streets of West Bromwich every day, and his message resonates with long neglected voters.

Read more at the Express & Star

If you can help in the final push for George to be elected, get in touch:

Vote George Galloway


Tue 26 Nov 7pm The Coach and Horses
33 Kesteven Road, Hateley Heath, B71 1JQ

Fri 29 Nov 7pm West Bromwich Working Men’s Social Club
36 Dudley St, West Bromwich, B70 9LS

Sat 30 Nov noon Stall on West Brom High Street
Opposite the Star and Garter pub

Tue 3 Dec 7pm The Village Inn
27 Alma St, Wednesbury, WS10 0QB

Thur 5 Dec 7pm The Archers
Thorncroft Way, Walsall, WS5 4EF

Fri 6 Dec 7pm West Bromwich Working Men’s Social Club
36 Dudley St, West Bromwich, B70 9LS

Sat 7 Dec noon Stall on West Brom High Street
Opposite the Star and Garter pub

If you’d like to get involved in our campaign to elect George as the next MP for West Brom East – fill in the form and get in touch:

Successful meeting held in West Bromwich for George Galloway

A second meeting was held in West Bromwich Working Men’s Social Club on Friday evening as George Galloway’s election campaign went from strength to strength. George was joined by fellow campaigners and members of the West Bromwich East constituency for more than an hour, and answered questions and took comments from members of the audience. The full recording of the meeting can be viewed above.

Heat is on for Bogus Dogus

In a disastrous start for Ibrahim Dogus, Labour’s candidate to replace Tom Watson, a report in the Times picked up in the local press has exposed his attempts to smuggle £11,500 out of Britain.

According to the Express and Star,

“Ibrahim Dogus, a kebab tycoon and the mayor of Lambeth, was embroiled in a tax evasion probe in 2011 after giving his aunt £11,500 in cash from his restaurant and asking her to take it to Istanbul on a flight from Heathrow.

The money was seized by UK border officials, who found it in satin purses, envelopes, and a sock with a zipped compartment.

In a court case, Mr Dogus, who is a close friend of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, claimed the money was being sent to Turkey to repay a debt to his brother-in-law.

However, UK Border Agency (UKBA) officials described his story as “unbelievable” and said his financial activities were “highly unorthodox”.

They said: “The UKBA submits that this cash is recoverable property, namely sourced from tax evasion.”

The full articles can be read here:

George Galloway campaign for West Bromwich East launched in style

The Express & Star reported this morning that George Galloway was met with “rapturous applause” in the West Bromwich Working Men’s Social Club last night, and that is no overstatement.

George Galloway has been in the constituency for nearly six weeks now, laying the ground work for a campaign that will be one of the most high-profile in the West Midlands, if not the entire country.

With Tom Watson having already stood down, the Watson youth are throwing their hats into the ring, and in a desperate attempt to recover some ground they prostrate themselves before an unsympathetic audience as “British, working class and proud“. Quite what, any of the Watson Remain clan have to be proud about is anybodies guess.

The next few weeks will see George Galloway speak at nearly ten meetings in schools and public building throughout the constituency, with a spirited rally and Q&A held every Friday starting from 23 November.

Last night’s meeting can be viewed in full here:

We’ll update you as things progress – but get in touch if you can support the campaign, and get these dates in your diary:

Friday 22 November – 7.15pm, West Browmwich Working Mens Social Club, 36 Dudley Street, B70 9LS

Friday 29 November – 7.15pm, West Browmwich Working Mens Social Club, 36 Dudley Street, B70 9LS

Friday 6 December – 7.15pm, West Browmwich Working Mens Social Club, 36 Dudley Street, B70 9LS

For more info or to support the campaign, leave your details: