Council and ‘unknown persons’ put pressure on George Galloway campaign

GG Campaign poster

A large poster for George Galloway’s election campaign is upsetting Labour party bigwigs and council bosses so much, they have demanded it be taken down. This comes hot on the heels of schools refusing to host campaign meetings, insisting they had to ‘be neutral’ and pubs alleging they had been put under pressure to cancel meetings.

Initially council enforcement officers attempted to gain the support of Sandwell electoral services for the removal of the banner, but electoral services were happy with the election poster saying it had been put up correctly and was not in any breach.

Planning officers have then been used.

The Planning Act 1990 states:

7Restriction on works affecting listed buildings.

Subject to the following provisions of this Act, no person shall execute or cause to be executed any works for the demolition of a listed building or for its alteration or extension in any manner which would affect its character as a building of special architectural or historic interest, unless the works are authorised”

But no ‘works’ i.e., work to disturb the fabric of the building, demolition or alteration works have been carried out by those who hung the banner. The banner is merely a political poster, which, under another set of rules provided by the Council to candidates and election agents at the start of the campaign states:

“The consent of the owner and/or person having control of any land
must be obtained to the display of any election posters thereon” and ““Election Poster” means any poster or publication designed to promote the election of any candidate.”

Working to the rules provided by the Council, the election poster has been displayed correctly, but this is unlikely to satisfy those who wish to see the return of another humdrum fake ‘left’ MP. The bad news for Labour, Tory and Brexit, is that George Galloway is on the streets of West Bromwich every day, and his message resonates with long neglected voters.

Read more at the Express & Star

If you can help in the final push for George to be elected, get in touch:

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